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Hi peeps , Assalamualaikum ?
My name is Ain . My long name is Nurrul Ain :) 21years already ! HoHo :D Be my follower ! Thank you (=

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Mar 29, 2015 | 29.3.15 | 0 Comment (s)


alhamdulillah pejam celik. ehh ? dah 2 tahun lebih ^_^
maybe belom kenal sepenuhnya, bak kata org 10 tahun pon
belom tentu masa yang diambil untuk kenal seseorang
dengan sepenuhnya kan. tapi alhamdulillah thanks to Allah, 
bersyukur sangat dapat kenal someone like him :)

Dear you my Mr.Hati
Thank you very much for everything
dari dulu sampai sekarang !
even pahit you still on my side.

Dear my MR
Thank you for accepting me in all ways, 
making me happy when i'm sad 
and thanks for all the pain that you removed from me.
Thanks to Allah because sent me this priceless gift :)
inshaa Allah i will appreciate this priceless gift  
from Allah for the rest of my life :)

MR <3
xoxo :)(:

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