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Hi peeps , Assalamualaikum ?
My name is Ain . My long name is Nurrul Ain :) 21years already ! HoHo :D Be my follower ! Thank you (=

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Sep 10, 2014 | 10.9.14 | 0 Comment (s)
hyee readers, good morning ! -_-

for all the people who makes me smile and laugh this much
  thank you for this happiness :)
ehhh ?
yelaa kdg2 kita sedih, 
kdg2 kita happy kan
normal lahh.. hihi :D

thanks to insan2 ISTIMEWA dalam hidup saya
yg banyak membahagiakan saya..hehe,
banyak bagi semangat waktu aku jatuh
ada time aku susah and senang
alhamdulillah for having all of you
LOVE you all !
and YOU >.< tQ

i just wanna be with you
for rest of my life
xoxo :) 

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